How to Pass the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) Assessment

It’s been a year and a half since I wrote my most successful blog article Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Exam Preparation. Since then, hundreds of people have subscribed to the site, many of whom have gone on to earn their PSM I certificate. The most frequent question I get asked now is “When will you write an article on passing the PSM II”? Well, here it is.

About the PSM II Assessment

The PSM II assessment is the follow-on assessment from the PSM I from According to, the PSM II demonstrates an intermediate knowledge of Scrum roles, events, artefacts and the rules that bind them together into Scrum. Cost for the PSM II assessment is $500.

(nb: The cost of the PSM II is reduced by $200 if you take a PSM course first)

Format of the PSM II Assessment

The PSM II assessment is two hours long and is part multiple-choice and part essay-style questions. The number of multiple-choice questions varies. The assessment is not proctored. You can take it from anywhere where you have access to the Internet.

The result of the multiple-choice section of the assessment is given immediately at the end. The remainder of the questions are assessed by hand and the final result can take up to two weeks to arrive.

All of the questions are in English and, bizarrely, it seems that native English speakers have the greatest difficulty in understanding some of them. They see nuance in the phrasing of some of the questions that non-native English speakers do not. The absolute best advice I can give to native English speakers is this: None of the questions are trick questions. There is no nuance. There is no finesse. As a friend put it: “Don’t over-think it”.

Don’t over-think the questions

How Hard is the PSM II?

The PSM II assessment from has a fierce, and well deserved, reputation for being the toughest Scrum assessment available anywhere. Here is an interesting stat:

PSM I Certificates Issued : 14,564
PSM II Certificates Issued : 146*

Only 1% of PSM I certificate holders go on to earn a PSM II certificate. I cannot be sure why this is but I do know that the $500 fee is a bar to some. There are those that see it as a gamble because the format of the assessment is not well-known or understood.

*Accurate at time of writing. PSM II certificates include reduction for duplicate certificates

From personal experience, I can tell you that I found the assessment hard for a number of reasons:

  • As a native English speaker, I misunderstood some of the questions. I read too much in to them
  • The time allowed is very short and I felt rushed on some questions
  • My exam technique is poor. I didn’t fully read some of the questions and my answers suffered
  • Some of the questions used phraseology I hadn’t come across before and it took time for me to shift gears and apply Scrum, which slowed me down

Here’s another interesting stat:

By examining the public list of PSM II certificates issued, I can see that one person has done the test three times and a further six people have sat it twice.

All but two of these went on to become Professional Scrum Trainers so it’s reasonable to assume that they originally scored between 85% (pass mark for PSM II) and 95% (pass mark required for Professional Scrum Trainer candidates). To me, this indicates that the PSM II is difficult even for those that have gone on to become trainers.

Don’t gamble with your $500

Final thought: The PSM II is hard. You need to prepare well for it. Don’t gamble your $500.

Why Take the PSM II?

So, why should you consider taking it? Because it shows that you’ve gone beyond the basics. That you have a deeper understanding of Scrum. Why this is important to you, is a question that only you can answer. Reasons might include:

  • To stretch yourself and improve your knowledge of Scrum
  • For recognition amongst your peers
  • As part of earning Professional Scrum Trainer status
  • To prove your knowledge of Scrum to potential employers

How do I pass the PSM II?

  • Take the PSM course by
  • Revise the course material and go over the Scrum Guide again (and again)
  • Your course trainer will probably give you a list of additional reading. Use it
  • If you attend a PSM course, you’ll get a free go at the PSM I. Take it
  • Do the Open Assessment again (and again). It helps to form Scrum muscle memory
  • Create a study group with other PSM II candidates and help each other to revise and study
  • Don’t leave it too long after the PSM course before taking the PSM II assessment. You will start to forget things you learned in the course
  • Read the question. I know, this sounds obvious and yet I, and a colleague, both lost marks because we failed to do this
  • Don’t over-think the question
  • Brush up your exam-techniques. Don’t lose points for silly things
  • Don’t worry about the low score you receive at the end of the assessment,this is normal, as only your multiple-choice questions have been marked (Anecdotal information indicates that a score of between 11% and 18% is normal but it will depend on the number of multiple choice questions you have)
  • Questions do not carry the same number of points, so don’t make any predictions based on the score you got at the end of the assessment
  • If you fail, do NOT give up. will feedback to you on where you can improve. Take time to review this thoroughly then draw up a plan to revise and re-sit the assessment

In Closing

In November 2013, I earned my PSM II certificate. It was difficult and gave me a great sense of achievement. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot more about Scrum and the people that are passionate about it. I heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their understanding of Scrum.

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  1. Peter says


    Thanks for this post. Are you able to recommend readings that can help to prepare to this exam? What is worth to consider?

    Thank you!

    • dd says


      I mean that the questions require you to write a short answer rather than simply check an option on a prepared list. All PSM II assessments are marked by hand by an assessor.

  2. Patralekh Satyam says

    Hi Derek,

    Is the PSM course a mandatory prerequisite for PSM II certification exam? I would love to go for this course, but this course is being conducted at only one place in my country which is too far from my place and I cannot afford to go for those classes.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. krishnakanth says

    Hi , Could you kindly post the Format of the PSM II exam , that will help us to prepare better .


    • says

      Hello Krishnakanth

      I had 34 questions, most of which were multiple choice. About seven of the questions required a written essay answer.

      • Benn says

        Hi, I failed my PSM II test. I had 81%… too bad.
        I had 34 questions, most of them were essays (about twenties).


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