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08 Jun

Scrum salary means more than just the income a Scrum Master receives. I’ve always known that being experienced in Scrum widens your job prospects and can improve your salary. So yesterday, I went in search of proof. If you’re a software developer or a project manager, you MUST read this

Scrum salary and the Software Developer

On Thursday 7 Jun 2012, I logged on to to research how much Scrum is actually worth. I performed two simple searches. One was a search for any job including the words ‘.NET and developer’. The other was a search for ‘.NET and developer and scrum’. I found a total of 3108 jobs, compared them, and revealed these interesting facts.

Firstly, 15% of developer jobs mention Scrum. You can widen your job prospects enormously by having Scrum experience. Not only that but you’ll increase your salary options too because the statistics show the following

  • The standard salary range for a basic .NET developer is £30K to £40K
  • The standard contract rate for a basic .NET developer is £40 – £50
  • The standard salary range for a .NET developer with Scrum is £40K to £50K
  • The standard contract rate for a .NET developer with Scrum is £40 – £65

So that’s quite clear. If you’re a .NET developer in a permanent job and you want to increase your salary by up to 66% (up to £20K), get Scrum experience. It’s a similar story for contractors. You can increase your contract rate by up to 62% (£25/hr)

Scrum salary and the Project Manager

The next day, I decided to see if the same was true of project managers. I used similar search criteria but limited my search to IT and found 2729 jobs posted. The results weren’t quite as clear because project manager salaries fit into the wide £50K – £75K gap shown by JobServe but there were still some interesting facts available:

  • Up to 30% of project manager roles include the phrase scrum or agile.
  • Only 30% of standard project manager roles posted fit in the £50K – £75K salary bracket
  • 39% of scrum project manager roles fit in the £50K – £75K salary bracket
  • Only 31% of standard project manager contract roles fit in the £50 – £65 rate
  • 52% of scrum project manager contract roles fit in the £50 – £65 rate

So again the statistics are quite clear. You’ve a far better chance of gaining a higher salary, or increased rate if you have Scrum experience.

Scrum salary and the Scrum Master

Finally, I checked the Scrum Master roles on offer. I found 1127 jobs posted. The majority were in the £50K – £75K range.


So what does this mean to you? Simply put, get Scrum experience and you’ll benefit from increased job opportunities and salary.

Earning an internationally recognised Scrum Master certificate will help enormously in this regard. To check out the options, read my article on choosing a Scrum Master certificate. Should you decide to take the Professional Scrum Master route, check out my Scrum Course schedule. I teach this course at venues all over the UK and am also happy to teach on-site. Just contact me, I’d be delighted to help.


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3 Responses to “Scrum Salary”

  1. orko 6 Aug 2012 at 8:30 am #

    The high salary for project managers that include scrum could be founded on the misunderstanding of scrum. These people might thing a scrum master is a project manager.Another search on that I saw ones in a video about scrum master indicated that many companies seem to think scrum master and project managers is the same,

    • Derek 6 Aug 2012 at 8:17 pm #

      Hello Orko

      You make a very good point and I agree. I have seen job postings for Scrum Masters that require the creation of Gantt charts, business change request logs, risk registers and knowledge of MS Project!


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